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October 17, 2017

About us


    The main activities and the main goals of the company are maintenance of state roads, road reconstruction and repairs. State road maintenance consists of continuous treatment of road elements securing long serving of the road and road structures. Road maintenance also covers small repairs works and continuous maintenance of roads and road elements.

State Company Tauragė Regional Road Administration carries out its activities in the region of Tauragė.

The main aim of the company is to keep the level of road maintenance set by the Ministty of Communication. The funds allotted for tat should be used for road maintenance, for safeguarding safe traffic conditions all year round, for continuous treatment of roads in summer and winter, and for road repairs. The major share of road maintenance expenses falls to the continuous road treatment in winter. The size of the expenses is determined by specific air conditions and traffic intensity on roads. Special machines and equipment are used for road treatment in winter.

Tauragė Regional Road Administration maintains ~1446 km of roads - of them ~66 km main roads, ~377 km national roads, ~1003 km regional roads. 

Tauragė Regional Road Administration consists of three road treatment agencies: of Tauragė, Jurbarkas, and Šilalė.

Tauragė Regional Road Administration employs 159 people.

Permanent road maintenance in winter compose the biggest part of expenses of road maintenance, its size determines specific air conditions and traffic intensity on the roads. Special technique, equipment and materials are prepared for winter. On purpose to optimize winter road maintenance works, computer-assisted road air condition information system (KOSIS) helps very much.

The agencies have very good conditions for proper maintenance and repairs of machines used for road maintenance. They also have good repairs departments with private premises for workers so that they were able ro rake proper care of roads.



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